A few days after Apple did the keynote last week to announce the new 12 inch Mac Book and Apple Watch, People started to purchase and receive the new updated MacBook Pro, which has the new Force Touch trackpad. I’ve seen pretty many posts that says those trackpads are amazing, So I would like to try myself.

So I went to Apple Store in Hillsdale mall today, and I could try the new trackpad. The Apple Store was not busy at all. I asked one of the crew whether they have the new MacBook Pro, and he leaded me to the MacBooks.

I tried the trackpad, and I thought I tried the old MacBook Pro by mistake.

Force Touch trackpad

I checked carefully again, and it WAS the new MacBook Pro with Force Touch trackpad. It felt exactly like I’m clicking and the trackpad and it’s actually moving down. I was completely deceived.

Up and Down

The “regular” click happened exactly same as the old trackpad. the haptic feedback happens not only once, but twice. Once when you click down, and one more time when you release your finger. So it perfectly mimic the old trackpad’s click. The Force Touch trackpad’s surface is sort of flexible(natural as a plastic plate) so you can actually push down a little bit, and I think that helps the “click” feeling.

Force Touch

And there’s one more “click” you can do. If you press the trackpad harder, the feedback happens twice, as it’s layered. And the second feedback is slightly stronger than the first one. So as you’re pressing down, the weaker feedback happens at the same level as the “regular” click and the second feedback happens if you go deeper. The feedback happens twice also when you release from a Force Touch. You just have to press a little bit harder than when you press the iPhone’s home button. With Force Touch, you can preview the link in the Safari Browser, and do things like rewinding and fast-forwarding a video faster. And Apple will open the SDK to third party developers too.

One more thing is, Force Touch works only when you click with one finger. If you use two or more fingers, only “regular” click will work.

Tap to Click

There’re two types on human on the earth. Ones who use physical click for trackpad, and ones who use “tap to click”. If you use tap to click, you just tap the trackpad as you tap on iPhone’s touch screen. You can use tap to click with the new Force Touch trackpad too. You just have to turn it on in the settings.

Tap to click

If you turn it on, it works along with regular and Force Touch. In other word, whether you tap or click, same thing will happen. Only Force Touch is different.

Tap with Three Fingers

You can turn off the “Force Touch” in the settings too.

Tap with three fingers

If you turn it off, You can use “tap with three fingers” to do the things that Force Touch would do. That means you can do those things on the old MacBook’s trackpads as well with software update.

Adjusting the Force

You can adjust the level of force you have to give to click the trackpad in the settings as well. There’re three levels, but the differences aren’t significant. Medium and Firm level felt almost the same to me.


Apple did another magic with the new trackpad. The technology was so reliable and useful, I thought maybe Apple can use it on actual keyboards in the future. They might already have been working on prototypes of it.